The Facilitative Leader

August 1, 2007

I wrote about teachers using facilitation skills in the classroom, but this skill can go way beyond the class.

A friend of mine told about reading that article and applying the new thoughts on her children at home. Another friend started using it with her colleagues at work. And I thought I might just need a little more boost about the subject so I joined Roger Schwarz‘s workshop on The Facilitative Leader.

He talked about this skill and if we wanted to change anything in us, we have to first be aware of how we think about it. So changing our thinking comes as a first step.

Benefits of this approach, he claimed, to be:

  • Increase quality of decision
  • Increase commitment
  • Decrease time for effective implementation
  • Improve working relationships
  • Increase organizational learning
  • Enhance personal satisfaction

In part I do agree with his method, in other parts I do have examples in mind that may not require this certain method and can use other authority or delegation in order to tackle a certain issue.

All models ofcourse will depend on the situation, and I look forward to hear your views on it.



One comment

  1. Hi Randah!

    What this guy told you about changing the way you think about the issue in order to find a solution, is exactly what I was telling you about the Exec. Training we give. By using photography the first thing they learn is how to find a new angle, a new point of view that will enable to change the result!

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