Creative Personalities

October 8, 2008

Most special talent creative people are creative in their own area, but typically not in another. But I am not concerned with most creative people, I want to take a look at some of the gifted personages that have been creative in many areas, da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Abbas ibn Firnas.

Gary Davis has sorted over 200 adjectives and brief descriptions of creative personality traits and found 16 categories. Read those categories and see how many you can check and successfully claim.

1. Aware of creativeness

2. Original

3. Independent

4. Risk-taking

5. High energy

6. Curious

7. Sense of humor

8. Capacity for fantasy

9. Attracted to complexity, ambiguity

10. Artistic

11. Open minded

12. Thorough

13. Needs alone time.

14. Perceptive

15. Emotional

16. Ethical

I know they seem interrelated in many ways, but that’s because they are all part of your personality. If you notice few that trigger your interest more than the others, let me know and I’ll explain those traits a bit more.

On the flip side, the negative traits that creative people have and are likely to disturb others fall into seven categories. see if you can point yours out:

1. Egotistical

2. Impulsive

3. Argumentative

4. Childish

5. Absentminded

6. Neurotic

7. Hyperactive.

If you are someone who is working with another that have some of these negative traits, the best that you can do is be patient and understand that there is a positive side (sometimes) to these behaviours. In other cases you may notice that the person might use some help in rechanneling his/her energy into constructive outlets. In all cases, use your discretion. Research shows that creative poeple are both healthier (find more resources) and sicker (psychologically disturbed) than average people.

How much did you score on those traits?




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