Contagious Creativity ~ Get infected now.

Creativity can be taught, nurtured, and enhanced. It does not belong solely to the artist amoung us, and certainly not genetically limited to the gifted.

In a series of articles, tools and quick tips I hope to spread this infectuous disease called creativity. No apologies. No regrets.


Randah Taher’s work is grounded in creativity, design thinking, social innovation, and leadership development. In addition to her Education and Management degrees, she completed her Masters of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership from State University of New York, Buffalo College. With 15 years of work and voluntary experience, a passion for creative environments, teams, and structures, and a commitment to social innovation and community development, she contributed to various roles in leadership development, personal and business coaching, and design facilitation. Connect on http://ae.linkedin.com/in/randahtaher/




  1. i m interssed

  2. Hi Randah
    here’s another approach – do you know about ‘Thinking at the Edge’ – a creative thinking approach based on body-experience and a philosophy developed by Gene Gendlin? I met it last year, and found it very useful, providing you have have some kinesthetic sense of yourself. See some youtube clips fyi http://www.youtube.com/Simondo18
    regards Simon

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